Forklift Operator Training

Read OSHA’s requirement regarding Powered Lift Truck Operator Training. Our instructors use classroom and Hand-On teaching focusing on the proper operation of specific types of powered industrial trucks used in your business.

Choosing MHI as your partner in training you fulfill OSHA’s requirement that forklift operator training that is outsourced be “…conducted by persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence.” We have trained thousands of operators and trainers in our markets and you can count on our experience to be a reliable and effective source of training.

See details about our classes and what they entail and pricing.

For those customers that wish to conduct training on their own, we offer a comprehensive Train the Trainer course which will prepare the trainer to provide effective forklift operator training to others in the organization.

Our goal, like yours, is not to simply fulfill OSHA’s requirement, but to ensure that all your employees are working in a safe and productive environment.

MHI Instructors prepare your instructors to lead your people through general forklift safety operation. Our classes are geared to help the instructor understand what needs to be covered and how to translate that into actual training for your potential operators. We have experience at training your trainers how to train! This includes much more than simply going through a slide show and providing hands-on evaluation, but gets to the heart of communicating each topic thoroughly and in a manner that is easily understood.

To learn more about our philosophy about training a trainer to be effective, please read what we feel are “The Four Things a Forklift Operator Training Instructor Must Know and be Capable of Performing.”

Like the trainers at MHI, your trainer needs to meet the criteria lists above to conduct training and is why we recommend that this person has been trained in Forklift Operator Training prior to us conducting Train the Trainer. It is further recommended that the person conducting the training have a background in either safety or forklift and lift equipment operation.

See details about our Train the Trainer classes, what they entail and pricing.

Our Factory Certified instructors train your technicians. From basic troubleshooting to advanced electronics, we help your own technicians learn the most cost effective methods to maintaining your equipment!

There is a direct correlation between forklift driving skills and forklift repair! All training is available on-site or at one of our two Training Centers. Call today!

In order to provide you with tools to help you operate your facility more safely and productively Material Handling Inc. has developed our Resource Library. We will continually add content to this library that will help you achieve your safety and productivity goals.

Visit our Safety Resource Library.

  1. It improves safety in your facility for you and all those around you.
    • Teaches proper operating procedures
    • Teaches safe handling of forklift fuels
  2. It improves morale. When employees are cared for, they feel cared for, which leads to an improved attitude about the workplace.
  3. It teaches effective pre-shift inspection techniques. Pre-shift inspections have proven to:
    • Reduce downtime.
    • Increase productivity.
    • Reduce costs.
    • Increase safety.
  4. Equipment is better cared for.
    • Operators gain a better understanding of the value of the equipment they operate.
    • Operators learn how to use the lift truck efficiently and effectively.
  5. Your training and progress are documented.
  6. You are in compliance with OSHA regulations.

A survey by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety concluded that trained lift truck operators reduce error rates by 70%. Training is not just the law, it’s a smart thing to do to improve the health and safety of your employees, AND your bottom line.

Forklift safety is critical to our industry, and Forklift Operator Training is a vital part of making sure that our customers’ have fully trained operators on the job in compliance with OSHA requirements. 

The Facilitator Kit gives your trainer the confidence and capabilities to deliver the contents both professionally and successfully to a variety of operators, covering a variety of equipment, and applications. Necessary Participant Kits provide take-home materials for participants and Certificates of Completion for their records.

Nothing promotes safe operation more than high quality operator training. Training kits deliver in each of these seven key areas that can be taught individually and independently:

  1. Explaining OSHA regulations
  2. Explaining forklift design and operating principles
  3. Pre-shift safety inspections & preventive maintenance
  4. Worksite inspections
  5. How to pick up a load
  6. How to transport and deliver a load
  7. Applying forklift operator safety skills

Training Facilitator Kits effectively train trainers, supervisors, and managers to incorporate best safety practices into their daily management activities. This new Forklift Operator Training (FOT) program is fully OSHA compliant, and covers all forklift classifications.

This program can quickly and easily allow your company to meet requirements for operator training, while returning its low cost in improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, better morale, and a safer workplace.

To order your kit(s) or inquire, please contact us at 888-865-2083.

When OSHA was signed into law in 1974 by Richard Nixon, the goal was to improve employee health and safety, reduce on the job accidents and deaths and greatly improve the likelihood of employees returning home to their families each evening.

While most companies adhere to the standards and requirements of OSHA, often times, companies forget, get busy, or sometimes willfully ignore regulations to save money. When these things happen, and OSHA inspection can occur.

This short video, created by OSHA walks you through the process of why they might show up for an inspection and the process one can expect if an inspection occurs.

OSHA Inspections

What to expect during an OSHA inspection.