Forklift Battery Planned Maintenance FAQ

AMP Battery Service CaptionIf I sign up for forklift battery Planned Maintenance (PM), what are the benefits

  1. Longer battery life
  2. Better battery performance
  3. Catch potential problems before they develop into big expensive repairs (watering, over/under discharging, replacing bad cells)
  4. Accurate battery / charger records

But I don’t have batter problems now?

  1. Changes can occur from within a battery from cell to cell that are hard to detect until the whole battery has been detrimentally effected. A PM program helps catch these problems at an early stage, saving you costly repairs
  2. Do you have acid damage and corrosion on your batteries, floors and truck compartments? A PM program helps keep the battery, floor and truck clean
  3. We observe and correct cable and connector damage on a regular basis

My forklift battery chargers were sold with the trucks, why do they need to be serviced?

  1. Cables, connectors, start and finish rates, changes in output current, different current needs of aging batteries; these must be checked and corrected to insure proper current is being delivered to the battery

I was sold a five-year warranty with this forklift battery. If I charge and water it properly, why do I need PM service?

  1. Watering the battery is not enough to insure long life and good performance. Electrolyte levels change so they must be regularly checked and adjusted. Cables and connectors must be free from damage so they batter can deliver its stored power. Batteries must be cleaned to help prevent corrosion damage. Individual battery cells must be checked for voltages and records must be kept to keep small problems small.
  2. If one neglected cell on a forklift battery goes bad, it can pull the other cells down with it, ruin the battery and void the warranty.
  3. Over discharging, undercharging, opportunity charging, shorts to the battery tray are all things that can void a manufacturers warranty. A proper PM program helps you detect and correct these things before they get you into trouble.

Can I afford a PM Program?

  1. You can’t afford to not have a PM program. The average battery costs over $7,000. Protect your investment. PM service can help you maximize all the benefits of electric powered forklifts.
  2. Just as you perform service on your personal vehicles to ensure longevity and lower costs, taking care of your forklift batteries and chargers will lower your costs, extend useful life and lower your operational costs.

Don’t trust your forklift battery and charger service and Planned Maintenance to just anyone. You can trust on the professionals at AMP Battery and Charger to provide you with the type of forklift battery and charger service you expect to maximize your battery and forklift performance.

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