Improve Productivity and Profits with Fleet Management by MHI

At MHI our experience in lift truck leasing began with Clark Rental Corporation over 40 years ago. Today we currently have a fleet of over 500 rental units. We are operating a fleet of equipment this size demands expertise in equipment procurement, financing, cost effective maintenance practices and equipment disposal based on economic life. Our computerized system allows us to know and track all the costs of every unit in our fleet. We continuously analyze costs and usage to help us operate our fleet at the lowest possible rates, while giving our customers reliable equipment at a good value.

For Our Long Term rental customers, we customize a program that:

  • Increases Equipment Utilization
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs and Downtime
  • Reduces Operator Expense
  • Aids In Budgeting, Hedges Against Rising Cost
  • Helps Reduce Tax Burden
  • Results In Timely Replacement Of Trucks
  • Improves Employee Morale

    What is Fleet Management?

    At MHI we define fleet management as the operation of your fleet at the lowest cost and highest level of productivity within your industry.

    Do you:

    • Know the economic life of your lift trucks?
    • Have a replacement program based on return on investment?
    • Track maintenance costs including parts, labor and rental replacement?
    • the fuel cost of each piece of equipment?
    • Comprehensive On-Site Survey
    • Analyze- Maintenance history, Survey Data, Financial Impact
    • Propose- Replacement Forecast, Financing Alternatives, Maintenance Options
    • Implement- Schedules, Training, Data Collection
    • Monitor- Monthly Reporting, Strategy Sessions, Continuous Improvement

    Reduce your costs!

    • Acquisition (Truck Price) Is Only 10% Of The Truck’s Cost
    • “Right Size” Your Fleet
    • Reduce or Redirect Personnel – Administrative And Maintenance
    • Eliminate Parts Inventory
    • Maximize Equipment Utilization
    • Reduce Supplier Base
    • Stay In OSHA Spec
    • Exact Equipment Type Matches The Job Requirement

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