Battery Service and Sales

Your lift truck battery is the fuel for your electric fork lift. As an essential part of the lift truck, the battery requires service to ensure proper performance. At IPW Lift Techs we recommend an annual inspection with a load test and acid adjustment. Often due to poor care, a battery loses the proper mixture of acid. This loss of acid results in less run time for each charge cycle. With our experienced technicians adjusting the specific gravity levels back to factory specifications, your battery can gain back some of the energy it was missing.

We are proud to offer the Battery Builders Inc. line of new industrial batteries and chargers. Battery Builders Inc. has been building quality industrial batteries since 1950. With a large selection of sizes ready to ship, we can deliver your battery and install it quickly. IPW Lift Techs will also remove your old battery and responsibly recycle the lead acid battery. We carry all of your battery accessories to keep your battery and lift truck working properly. Watering systems and battery monitors can be installed on site.

Give us a call for any of your battery or charger questions.