Safe operation of your industrial equipment is vital to the survival of your business.  At IPW Lift Techs we understand this commitment to safety.  That is why we are always suggesting ways to make your operation safer.  As simple as adding a back up alarm or adding the New Blue Light Reverse Indicator, safety items are kept in stock on all of our field service vans.  If you have any questions concerning required safety items on your equipment, please give us a call or visit the OSHA link below:



Please Wear Your Seat Belt!!

Seat belt usage is critical during the safe operation of a lift truck.  A tip over on a lift truck is the most common accident.  The best possibility to survive a tip over is to wear your seat belt.  If the seat belts on your lift trucks do not operate properly, please repair or replace immediately.  Ask about the Safety Orange seat belt to help with enforcing your company’s seat belt policy.


Speed Limits

Did you know that you can often limit the speed of your lift trucks without affecting productivity?  This is a great way to promote safety.  It also adds to a cleaner work environment with less tire and brake dust.  Most lift trucks never reach full speed during operation, yet the operator is continually  accelerating and braking hard.  This burns fuel in excess of what is required to complete the job. 

Please give us a call for any of your safety concerns.  IPW Lift Techs 912-447-0585 - Your local partner in safety.